Methuen Community Center Feasibility Assessment

This feasibility assessment process introduced us to Methuen’s youth athletics and recreation advocates; sports champions; members of Methuen’s recreational, educational, and cultural communities; and business, civic, state legislative, and municipal thought leaders.

What we discovered everywhere we traveled throughout Methuen was a critical mass of objective evidence and public support for building the proposed Center as a fountainhead of youth athletics and a tribute to Methuen’s proud heritage in competitive sports and youth athletics. Significantly, we learned about the demonstrative unmet need for athletic and recreation facility utilization and program participation.

As we collected, correlated, and analyzed responses based on project team meeting discussions, focus groups, field interviews, and charrettes with a significant number of Methuen agencies, youth organizations, and civic organizations, we learned that the proposed project was feasible.

Indeed, we discovered that the need for creating the proposed Center was not only feasible – it was desirable and compelling when viewed from the several perspectives of youth and family athletics need; inter-scholastic sports and community recreation activities; and the projected utilization, program participation, and sports event venue market demand.

It was encouraging to learn that Holy Family Hospital might potentially be interested in addressing its own patient needs – i.e. nutrition, wellness, fitness, rehabilitation, and recovery. 

Additional notes regarding the potential role of Holy Family Hospital:

  Appears to be open and receptive to the co-utilization and shared use of the proposed facility


Well positioned to lead by example in the visioning, conceptualization, feasibility, need assessment, planning, programming, design process, and capital financing


All ships rise in a rising tide – we discovered the need to make the highest and best use of the proposed real estate parcel by strengthening the connections between community health, nutrition, wellness, education, recreation, and athletics


Potentially interested in supporting a culinary arts, nutrition, and food science program


Potentially interested in supporting an interactive community health program that educates Methuen youth about health science careers